Sunday, December 4, 2016


This is a time to shoulder new responsibilities and that could mean considerable advancement in your work. Not everyone may give you the praise you deserve.  There could even be jealousy and envy from others, so realize your own worth and proceed accordingly. Care in spending might be a good idea for the moment. Try not to go overboard with holiday gifts. Social group activities should be lots of fun, however. Children or a lover may act out a bit. You try not to over-react to the situation.

An attraction could become obsessive beyond your control at this time. Take care. Clandestine love is not out of the question now, one with a strong karmic connection. Trust your instincts at this time for they should be fully accurate in guiding you. Thinking about moving or just rearranging the furniture? Business travel is likely this month with some stress involved. Sign papers before or after Retrograde Mercury if you possibly can, please! Change is in the air for the New Year! Hold on tight!

Your energy level should be high this month, but try not to overdo it! And strange as it  seems, you may not particularly be in a party mood this holiday season. Ah, humbug! You may enjoy quiet times and meaningful conversations instead. An old friend you haven’t seen for a while may show up again out of the blue! And one of your close friends may experience a big boost in terms of business. Brilliant ideas should flow through your mind, so write them down to exploit them in the proper time and place.

The long, slow NEPTUNE transit should bring out your creativity and intuitive abilities more and more as the years progress. Just don’t believe everything you hear this month. Somewhere, somehow there is deception around you. Be discerning! Career success and advancement could be outstanding at this time, even though you may not be fully aware of the pattern developing. Some group activities will be fun, others downright boring. A busybody relative or neighbor might cause trouble. Life becomes a bonus!

Strange dreams may be trying to warn you or tell you something, especially if older relatives are involved. Pay attention! You may be a social butterfly during this holiday season, so please enjoy! There is high favor from partners and/or spouses. Travel could prove more challenging than it might be worth. Why not enjoy the cozy fires at home and the companionship of close friends and family? Delays in legal matters may involve frustration. Patience is necessary at this time. Progress is made even though slowly!

This is not the best time to confront the boss or supervisor about a raise or promotion. Bide your time. Travel could be fun, although expect delays and postponements. You could even get stuck in an interesting place filled with surprises. In fact, romance might bloom in faraway places. Elder care could be required of you at this time. Have you considered getting your will in order? Why not now? Job improvement comes about in a surprising manner. Enjoyable company with business associates this holiday season.  

Feeling blue? You do have a mountain to climb still, especially you later Geminis. This is your opposition time when the other person has the advantage, so be nice to all those other persons! Your spouse or partner may have to work hard this month, so try to be supportive. You tend to lighten up as the month progresses. Not a great time for travel, so the holidays at home might be nice. A pleasant surprise may come from a child or a lover or both! You may find out lots of secrets at this time, some surprise you for sure!

Pay attention to your health and hygiene about now. Going off the diet with the holidays can be the source of some issues. Hiring and firing patterns also come to mind, but this might not be the time to make up your mind entirely. Your significant other may be filled with love for you this month. Open your arms and your heart. There could be interesting patterns in the home and with the family. This is also a good time to put money away for a rainy day. Your instincts are right on. Please pay attention!

Romance is in the air and all around you. Love, love! And this one could turn out to be quite serious. Could it be commitment time? Serious talks may involve children or a lover or both! Not a good time to decide though. Love could very well show up at work when you least expect it! Travel could be fun with your new love, perhaps? Changes in your career appear favorable now. You could be admired for your independent thinking and original ideas. Creativity may be of the serious sort, with drama highly likely.

There should be an improvement in your finances this month whether simply wages or a bonus. Serious considerations may involve your home or property of some kind, with long term results. There is an improvement in your relationship with young people, perhaps your own children. Decisions regarding children or young people, should take place after MERCURY turns direct in January, however. You should be looking good and feeling confident about your future. An increase of power is likely at this time.

More travel or movement in general is likely at this time. Home improvement is also another possibility, even if it only means moving the furniture around to better suit you. Romance may involve a foreigner or one who lives far away from you. It may be complicated but fun. This is a good time for writing or self-expression of nearly any kind: Write, compose, paint, draw, design, invent to your heart’s content! Family connections seem to improve at this time. Your energy level should take you to the finish line.

Watch your spending this month, this year. Careful planning might be a good idea in terms of your finances in general. Although some form of self-expression could well pay off handsomely in the long run. This is a great time for creativity and expressing your talents. Out-of-body travel might be the ticket, no airfare required. This is a positive family time. There may well be healing in terms of an important relationship. You could be very busy around the home this month with positive results to boot!
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Sunday, July 19, 2015


On August 11, 2015, the planet JUPITER, represented in Tarot by Key 10, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, enters the Constellation of VIRGO, indicated by Key 9, THE HERMIT, for the period of a year. JUPITER is considered by many to be in a weakened position in the sign of VIRGO, since it co-rules the opposite sign of PISCES.  PISCES rules emotional health, sleep and dreams, and VIRGO rules physical health, particularly the intestinal tract where health and/or illness is often known to commence. Every VIRGO individual, in addition to everyone really, needs to learn to eat right in order to provide the body and the mind with sufficient nutrients to maintain a healthy and fulfilling existence while on the planet. 

VIRGO is ruled by MERCURY, represented in the Tarot by Key 1, THE MAGICIAN, the intellect or conscious mind that has all the tools necessary at its disposal to live a purposeful and meaningful life: to include the will and enthusiasm of the Wands, the feelings and emotions of the Cups, the freedom of choice of the Swords, and the practical applications in life indicated by the Pentacles. The powers of Fire, Air, Earth and Water active in each and every life. Since VIRGO is ruled by MERCURY, and the Key Words for VIRGO are I ANALYZE, just about everyone should make a serious effort to make thoughtful and meaningful decisions during the coming year, for THE HERMIT is also assigned to the Hebrew letter Yod that represents the Hand of God. Divine Direction will be more than evident to each of us during the coming year, in the lives of individuals as well as in the roles of nations as a whole. Please take the time to analyze your own actions and words and the actions and words of others to avoid pitfalls and pain along the way. Each of us has done and said things that we wish we could take back later and that we sincerely regret. Try to make thoughtful decisions during the coming year.

Since JUPITER rules HIGHER MIND and HIGHER EDUCATION and VIRGO rules elementary education, we should see dramatic changes for the better in terms of educational systems the world over.  Higher ideals and purposes should more easily be made manifest to people of various classes and distinctions. This means it will also be an excellent time to further educate yourself whether that means going back to school to gain a higher educational degree or just taking workshops, attending lectures, or reading lots of books that enlighten and educate your mind. 

On another level this could also relate to becoming more conscious in terms of the foods you eat, and this might seriously impact the deceitful practice by some as regards the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms, basically known as GMOs. Many nations around the world are already recognizing the dangers associated with messing with Mother Nature when it comes down to the food we eat. Progress may be made in this regard during the transit of JUPITER in VIRGO, although there are other planetary aspects that might well impede the making of such progress.

Travel for educational purposes should be commonplace for many during the coming year. It will be an excellent time to return to basics, perhaps to reread some books you read many years earlier to gain a better understanding now. And if not this summer, then perhaps next summer you can grow your own organic garden and benefit thereby. VIRGOS only need to be careful about gaining weight. Watch the sweets and starches, please, and you should be just fine!



Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The planet JUPITER is currently transiting through the Constellation of LEO, the sign of GENERATION and REGENERATION in terms of the teachings of the Sacred Tarot. LEO is the sign that rules the heart, spine, and upper back. In terms of the spiritual evolution of the individual soul, it is when the Kundalini energy has reached the Heart Center or Chakra that true spiritual development starts to take place on a higher level, thus freeing the evolutionary energy of the Cosmos to rise higher through the centers in the throat to the Third Eye (in the Pineal gland in the brain situated behind the forehead) ultimately to reach the Crown Chakra (the Thousand Petal Lotus at the top of the head) where COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS either swiftly or eventually takes place. 

In the Western mystery school tradition this experience is sometimes referred to as the Completion of the Great Work, since the Kundalini or Serpent energy has risen from the charka at the base of the spine all the way to the Crown. The Heart Center, however, is a very important mid-point for the spiritual energy to express as the ability to love unconditionally and to express full and complete compassion. All spiritual Masters are known as Heart Masters or Masters of Compassion. 

Key 8, STRENGTH, which rules the sign of LEO, the eternal child in each and every one of us, is also referred to as the POWER OF SUGGESTION. "Monkey see...monkey do." The child tends to imitate their parents and other family members in terms of words and actions and also in terms of character patterns. The individual born under the sign of LEO tends to be basically STRONG, COURAGEOUS and NOBLE in terms of basic character traits. Honesty is extremely important. The transit of JUPITER, Key 10, here emphasizes the need for greater understanding in terms of affairs of the heart as well as greater understanding of the child within. Nurture the eternal child within you. Try not to be critical and faultfinding, since criticism tends to destroy the feelings of love others may feel for us. If you want to damage the feelings of your spouse or your lover, then by all means tell them what you think is wrong with them. Otherwise, still your own negativity, and try to remember, that without the beating of your heart there would be no life left in your body and you would soon be leaving this plane of existence. 

Exercise your heart on the physical plane as well as on emotional terms during the transit of JUPITER in LEO, and your ability to feel and express love will greatly expand and grow in capacity. My spiritual teacher Ann Davies used to say that 'even unrequited love is better than no love at all,' so learn to forgive those who seem to have rejected your love. Perhaps he or she has not yet developed the capacity to love. Not every soul is actually able to love, sad but true. With JUPITER here everyone will have the ability to reach greater understanding of the nature of love in oneself and in others. Kindness is important in any expression of love. Kindness is an aspect of love.

The trine of the planet URANUS to JUPITER over the next year will be especially favorable to financial patterns in the world at large and to an acceleration of consciousness in those ready for such an experience. If you MEDITATE during this time, you are likely to experience a heightened awareness not only during your meditations but at nearly all times. HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS is accelerating for all souls in any way ready for the experience. 

Travel with family and children should be particularly joyful at this time. I wish you every joy and success during the transit of JUPITER in LEO. 



Friday, May 9, 2014


As we complete the transit of the protective planet JUPITER in the sign of CANCER, HUMANITY, collectively and individually, is enabled to raise their consciousness to a much higher level of awareness and to a much greater level of sensitivity that could be extremely beneficial to our individual and collective advancement and evolutionary growth. The JUPITER CENTER in the human body is located in the CANCER region of the body, the stomach area or Solar Plexus, the body's brain. This is the area of sometimes strong intuitive insights or warnings. It is when we get those gut feelings that tell us to either move forward or to avoid certain people or situations. When something doesn't feel right in our midsection, we shouldn't really do it. The Higher Self is trying to warn us in order to spare us from further pain or suffering during our current growth cycle of incarnation in a physical body or chariot. Your body is the chariot of your soul and life always seems to go much more smoothly when the Charioteer of the Higher Self is in control of our mind and of our lower emotions, since out of control emotions often lead to our ruination or at least to a minor downfall on the path of life.

On Key 7, THE CHARIOT, the Major Arcana Key for CANCER, the reigns governing the sphinxes of mind and emotion are invisible. The chariot of the body is driven forth by the Wheels of Fortune, the wheels of the law of physical manifestation under the benevolent auspices of JUPITER, exalted in CANCER, Father of the Gods, and determinant of the more fortunate aspects of our Karma in a given lifetime.

The current problem, however, is that JUPITER is dancing and completing a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS/SQUARE with PLUTO, URANUS and MARS, so that our transformations and growth are being forced in a sometimes dramatic or disruptive fashion, perhaps not entirely to our liking. It seems that we have to take our present tests (or medicine) in the hope of passing in order to move on to the next grade or stage of our lives. Just remember that JUPITER is the Great Protector and Benefactor in spite of all outward appearances to the contrary. At least when JUPITER moves on into LEO it will trine URANUS and provide some reason for least for the moment!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

pattie-tarotblog: MAKE WISE CHOICESThe special word attached to Ke...

The special word attached to Ke...
: MAKE WISE CHOICES The special word attached to Key 6, THE LOVERS, is DISCRIMINATION. This is GEMINI, governed by MERCURY, ruler of t...


The special word attached to Key 6, THE LOVERS, is DISCRIMINATION. This is GEMINI, governed by MERCURY, ruler of the third house of the CONSCIOUS MIND that governs the decisions we make, our intellect. On a higher level, the symbolism depicts the conscious mind (represented by Adam, the masculine figure on the right), looking to the feminine figure (of the subconscious mind, Eve, on the left), who in turns looks to the Archangel Raphael, representing the Higher Self or divine aspect of mind. It is the unconscious that is in closer contact with realms celestial. And, of course, the serpent of the Kundalini Power is wrapped around the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil behind the subconscious, Eve. 

"Have an apple, babe. It will taste delicious and make you look really great in that fig leaf!" But then, we do learn a great deal through the choices we make, especially when we make the wrong choice, or sometimes even through a choice we thought was so very wise ... until right after we bit into the damn apple!

Living life in three dimensions can be very tricky, as you probably have already learned by now. The lower mind (sorry it's depicted as masculine, guys) doesn't always pay any real attention to those subtle sensations sent to it by the unconscious, or subconscious, (commonly known as the feminine aspect of consciousness: intuition) until lightning strikes, or the car has already been swallowed by the sinkhole. It happens to be a fact that women pay closer attention to their feelings and intuitive flashes than men tend to. That's why my spiritual teacher, Ann Davies of Builders of the Adytum, always said that men should always pay careful attention to their wives and girlfriends when it comes to intuitive flashes about the patterns in their lives and the people that they meet. ("I told you should have turned left," she says in the sinkhole.) Women tend to be more intuitive; men more logical. That's why Key 6, THE LOVERS, ultimately represents the MYSTICAL MARRIAGE of the conscious and subconscious with super-consciousness, so that the sinkholes of life can be completely avoided at all times.    

At this time I need to point out that Key 15, THE DEVIL, has some similarities in symbolism to Key 6, THE LOVERS. Guess what? 1 + 5 = 6 in terms of numerology. So clever these designers of TAROT. Subtle masters. And a poorly conceived choice can place you in some level of bondage, even if you're not into that sort of thing! 

Key 15, THE DEVIL, is CAPRICORN, and that doesn't make my Capricorn clients happy at all, trust me. On the other hand, on this key the conscious and subconscious aspects of mind are chained to another Archangel, known as Uriel, Archangel of Light. States such as IGNORANCE and FEAR are depicted here, jealousy, envy, hatred, prejudice, the evils of society embedded in the consciousness of so many struggling souls. The word "devil' is "lived" spelled backwards and is also known as the Father of Lies we tell ourselves. In the Qabalah we learn: Behind the mask of the adversary is the face of the Beloved. Or The devil is god as seen through the eyes of the wicked.  Here we have SATURN, the teacher, a not always so easy to deal with aspect of the Higher Self. Have we created the demons in our lives ourselves, we are forced to ask, by the choices we have made in the past? Why did I marry him/her? Why did I have that first cigarette? Snort of cocaine? How did it all begin? 

My advice: Please don't make promises that you don't plan to keep to yourself or to anyone else. At times the Universe is known to sue us for "breach of promise." THE DEVIL might be your mortgage, or that fancy car you bought where the payments turn into a lodestone around your neck. Debt is another word for Key 15, along with depression, resignation, blind ambition. There is an aspect of Key 15 about going to college to get an education, actually. If you don't hit the books, attend classes, and pass the tests you're never likely to become a doctor, lawyer, or anything else of note that you dreamed of being. You may have to work like the devil to get where you want to go. Setting goals with Key 6 often ends up creating the difficult conditions or circumstances associated with Key 15. But, on the other hand, LAUGHTER is also assigned to Key 15, THE DEVIL. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Laugh in the midst of darkness and turn on the LIGHT. 

And yet, do try to make sincere, thoughtful choices in terms of your relationships and the goals you set for yourself in life. Meditate on these two TAROT keys for better insight. Or read more on my website  Check out the Tarot Tableaus for greater insight. Think it through before you make your decisions and you should be fine. After all, you're a student in the School of Life! 

Monday, August 26, 2013